March 26, 2019
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Do Cash Buyers Buy Damaged Houses?

In short, yes, cash buyers love to buy damaged houses. Now, if that is all you wanted to know, then please go to the bottom of the page and fill out the form. We will reach out to you shortly to come and view your damaged house.

If you are not convinced yet, then keep reading. We know you will like what you see.

Damaged houses are no fun

We get it. Having a damaged house is one of the worst things you can have. Someone has to fix it.

And if you are like 90% of the rest of the world, you don’t know how to fix a damaged house.

If you did, you wouldn’t want to sell a damaged house. You would be looking to sell a fixed house as you fixed it and want to sell it for a higher price.

That is why we, here at Pro Source Home Buyers buy damaged houses. We love them. We like to get our hands dirty and fix up homes.

You know those kids who loved playing with blocks as children? That is us as adults. We love solving the puzzles.

We love this so much that we will pay you top cash dollar to get the house out of your hands.

You won’t get a better cash offer than what we give you.

Cash offers end up saving you BIG!

Do you know about all of the fees that you pay a realtor to sell your damaged house?

First, you have to pay the agent, which, depending on your house, can be up to $60,000. That alone should make you run away.

But, then there are the realtor fees which can amount to 6% of the sales price.

On top of that, the buyer’s realtor ends up taking a portion of your money as well.

In the end, you would end up making around the same amount, if not more, if you had just sold it to a cash buyer.

Not to mention, all of the money you end up putting into it to make all of the repairs. That could cost you, depending on the damage, around $100,000.

So, then we ask again, why would you put yourself through a headache with your damaged house?

You get the cash fast

How fast do you ask?

Well, we probably can’t do it in one day.

But, how does five days sound to you?

Too soon?

Okay, how about you pick the date, and we will have the cash ready for you.

We can purchase your house within five days.

Or if that really is too quick for you to sell your damaged house, then we will let you decide on the date you want to sign on the dotted line.

That way you can have time to gather up all of grandma’s things that you actually want to keep, and allow us to just get rid of the rest of it for you.

Finding a buyer is hard, but on top of that, the realtor company has all of the hoops they have to jump through in order to allow you to sell your damaged house.

If you are anything like most people, you don’t want to have to jump through all of those hoops, so let us take it off of your hands. You decide the date and we will purchase it without all of the hassles of a realtor.

Call us today at 865-268-4537 or fill out the form below.

We can’t wait to buy your damaged house and get you home free from all of the stresses that this home brings to your life.

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