August 16, 2018
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Compare: Listing with a Real Estate Agent vs Selling Your House for Cash

Selling your house is a lengthy process, trying to determine what approach to take can be complicated. However, it will be beneficial to look at all of the different ways to sell your house. There are different routes to take, you may choose to sell by owner, listing with a real estate agent, or sell to a cash buyer. You will find it helpful to do some quick research to determine the most profitable way to get your house sold, and quickly.

Did you know that listing with a real estate agent is the route that 90% of homeowners take to sell their house? There are many perks to listing through an agent, and there are many factors that you should also take into consideration as well. The goal is to make the most money from your house, let us break down some of the pros and cons for you.

Pros of Real Estate Agent

  • An Agent will list the house, allowing it to be shown on multiple marketplaces.
  • Marketing is automatically done for you.
  • Agents find potential buyers, show your house to them, and find the right buyer.

Cons of Real Estate Agent

  • Agents charge 5-6% of the houses sale price.
  • Time - Could take a long time before a buyer comes through.
  • Realtors negotiate selling price, this will lower the price you were hoping to sale for.
  • Repairs, and fix up the house to appeal to a potential buyers eye, this is costly and timely.

Pros of Selling on your own

  • Your terms, sell your house for what you want and how you want.
  • Showing your house on your own time.
  • Pocket more money from the sell, no realtor fees.

Cons of Selling on your own

  • You have to list the house and may not have the right resources to find interested buyers.
  • You will need to market yourself.
  • Repairs may be essential to appeal to the house. This is costly and timely.
  • The time it may take to find a buyer will be greater than listing with a real estate agent.
selling house for cash

Pros of Selling to Pro Source Home Buyers

  • Time. We will get you the cash in 7 days.
  • No realtor fees.
  • No need to make repairs or tidy up the house. We buy houses as is, even the ugly ones.
  • Avoid the long closing process.
  • This sale is not going to fall through at the end. We have the cash waiting for you.

Cons of selling Pro Source Home Buyers

  • So fast you may not realize what hit you.
  • Make a little less for the house.

In the end, no matter what direction you choose to sell your house, it will eventually sell. As listed above, there are obviously pros and cons to every situation. However, when it comes to listing with a real estate agent vs selling your house on your own, these ways could take a lot of time. Most people who are selling their houses don’t have time.  If you don’t have months to wait for your house to sell, then a cash buyer is the best option for yours.

Here at Pro Source Home Buyers, we make the process fast and simple. If you are worried about getting a lower offer than you hoped just remember all the money you will save from realtor fees, repairs, listing fees, and marketing. Because Pro Source Home Buyers is the buyer, and we purchase any house as is. In the end, there is a greater chance that you actually make more money, and in a fast manner. Call us today 865-268-4537 or browse our website to get headed in the right direction. We will walk you through this simple process, and want to help you feel comfortable every step of the way.

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