August 1, 2018
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How to Stop Foreclosure In Tennessee

How to Stop Foreclosure

Alright, alright, alright, you may feel stuck. I completely understand. Trust me, here at Pro Source Home Buyers, I meet with people all of the time who are in foreclosure and they all ask me the same question, “Can I get out of foreclosure?” The simple answer is, yes! You have a few options to stop foreclosure. So consider this your guidebook called, “How to Stop Foreclosure”.

Pay it Forward

Okay, this is literally meaning, pay it forward so that your mortgage is current. This is the simplest way of stopping the foreclosure process. So idea number one in your guidebook “How to Stop Foreclosure” is pay it forward.

This may be the most difficult option though. I completely get it! This is a difficult process and if you are thousands of dollars behind in payments, that money may be hard to find. Here are some ideas on how to get those funds.

  • Borrow from your parents, grandparents, or a relative (Everyone has a rich uncle).
  • Sell, Sell, Sell all of the excess junk around your house (We all have that old cedar chest full of junk, who knows? One man’s junk is another man’s treasure).
  • Pick up an extra job (It really isn’t that embarrassing to work a second job, especially if it means to save your family from being homeless).
  • Sell the car, get a bike (Also, cardio exercise is extremely important for your heart).

Like I said, even if you do all of the above, you still may not have enough funds or may not get the funds fast enough. So, let’s move on to idea number two in “How to Stop Foreclosure”.

Sell the House

I know it sounds crazy. You put in all of the effort to make your house a home. You have made it into the place where you are have raised your kids. They love this home and so do you. You even put the swingset in yourself a few years back and now I am telling you to just forget it all and move on?

It sounds crazy, but yes. That is exactly what I am telling you. If you are able to do this, you get the house out from under you. The Balance lists this as the number one way of stopping a foreclosure. You get a new start and can downgrade to something you can afford or maybe you can rent somewhere. Either way, it gets the house from under you and stops the legal system from coming down on you and your credit. Trust me, that little black mark next to your name that says you have a foreclosure under your belt is not a badge of honor.

But sometimes, selling a home can be difficult. Also, it takes a long time and time is something that is not on your side right now. This leads to our third and final idea from “How to Stop Foreclosure”.

Sell Your House to us

We buy houses for cash within 7 days. That is the major benefit for you when you work with us. We can literally get you the cash in hand within 7 days. Time is on our side and will help you stop the foreclosure you are in. We have a fast, simple process that makes it as easy for you to understand. We don’t over complicate the process at Pro Source Home Buyers. We can buy the most run-down house or the nicest home on the market. Let us get started today by filling out the form below.

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