May 14, 2019
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Is It Smart to Sell Your House to a Cash Buyer in Chattanooga?

When beginning the process of selling your home you have to decide how you want to do so. There are the traditional ways and the non-traditional ways like selling to a cash buyer. Just because this isn’t the traditional way doesn’t mean it isn’t a great way to do so. In fact, there are many benefits to selling to a cash buyer. The reason it is ‘nontraditional’ is that a lot of people don’t know about this option. There are a number of benefits with choosing a cash buyer, and we are going to tell you the greatest ones!

No repairs sell as is

Did you know that according to HomeAdvisors repairs cost thousands of dollars? The problem with this is that when you spend money on minor repairs and renovations you are not going to see the return once the house is sold. Unfortunately, these repairs are all made to spruce up the property and appeal to the buyer. So yes, you basically are throwing away money to a house that you aren’t planning on living in much longer.

This is when finding a cash buyer is awesome. Cash buyers purchase any house in any condition! This means no timely and costly repairs. In fact, you don’t ever need to clean the place. Just pack up your things because a cash buyer will buy your house as is.

Speed of sale

Whether you sell your home on your own or hire a realtor, the time it takes is a nightmare. Especially if you have to make major repairs and renovations. It will take months to sell to a realtor and it can take months to a year to sell by owner. Once you do find a prospective buyer, they still have to qualify, and go through a consumer loan process. This can lead to the offer falling through which will put you back to square one, finding another interested buyer.

Another awesome benefit with selling to a cash buyer is they are ready to purchase your house and close the deal in a short seven days! This is because they have the cash in hand so you don’t have to wait for them to get approved by banks. This is perfect if time is your issue because of how quick the process is. And don’t forget, on top of this you don't have to make any repairs!

So here's the deal

If you are ready to sell your house and have already made the decision then give Pro Source Home Buyers a call. We are the cash buyers and we are ready to buy your house. We have the experience you need to feel comfortable so give us a call today 865-268-4537 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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