August 28, 2018
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Sell My House in Knoxville Without Making Repairs

Selling your house is a daunting process, especially if it is in poor condition. If you are stuck thinking “Is there any way to sell my home without making repairs?” the answer is yes. Read this article as a guide to help you get headed in the right direction to sell your home in Knoxville.

Did you know that there are companies that buy houses for cash, requiring to make no repairs? They are called cash buyers. There are many advantages to selling to a cash buyer, here are a few of the perks.

  • No listing home on the market

Listing your home on the market can be difficult to do unless you have a realtor. If your home is not listed on the market then it is hard to inform prospective buyers that your home is available. If you sell with Pro Source Home Buyers there is no need to list your house, or even worry about finding a buyer.

  • Sell home as is

Selling your home to a cash buyer is the most convenient way to go. Pro Source Home Buyers buys homes as is, you don’t even have to clean it.

  • No realtor expenses

Cash buyers have no hidden or extra selling fees. This allows you to pocket all the extra money you make on the sale.

  • Cut out showings of home

No need to tidy up your home when selling to Pro Source Home Buyers. We don’t require any showings, we just gladly will purchase your home, and get you on your way.

  • Speed of sale

Selling your home can take months. Selling to us Pro Source Home Buyers, the cash buyers will offer you a deal, and get the money to you fast. Don’t wait for an interested buyer, let us be that person.

When selling your home in Knoxville it may be difficult to find a buyer who wants a home that will be a lengthy process to fix up. If you do find a buyer willing to purchase this home they will most likely ask for much less than you were hoping for. According to This Old House, they recommend buyers to not purchase homes that need repairs because it is always going to cost more than they think to fix it up.  

Another problem that you may run into is finding a prospective buyer that will be able to get the funds to purchase your home.  Green Path says that most banks will not lend money for a home until the repairs are finished. This means you will need to find extra funds to repair your home before being able to sale it.

You are probably asking yourself well, how do I sell my house in Knoxville without making repairs then? Sell to Pro Source Home Buyers, we are a cash buying company ready to take on any project. We are ready to purchase your home and close the deal as soon as possible.

Allow us to l present you with a no-obligation cash offer within 24-hours, you can have the money in your hands in a short amount of time. It is so simple, and we are here to help you feel confident about your decisions. Feel free to browse our website to read more about who we are, and fill out the form below and we will reach out to you and help you get this process started.

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