September 6, 2018
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Sell Your House Fast When Facing Foreclosure

Are you about to face foreclosure of your house? Are you finding it difficult to come up with enough funds to pay your monthly payments every month? I believe when it rains it pours, and that can make it extremely stressful when having a mortgage. I have seen this so many times and helped dozens of people in your situation figure out how to get out of these dark days. Continue reading for ideas of how to sell your house fast when facing foreclosure.

Ask a family member to help out

Perhaps you could talk with a family member that is in a better financial situation than you currently are. Everyone has that rich uncle, right? Well if you do they could possibly take over your payments and work an agreement on how you can repay them. Or maybe they could simply buy the house for you and arrange a payback plan.

Not everyone has great relationships with their families, or they don’t feel comfortable accepting help for a problem this large. I personally would feel a little awkward doing this, and if you are like me then maybe that is out of your comfort zone. If this isn’t for you then no worries keep reading for some more suggestions.

Make your house sellable

If you can’t afford your house any more than it is probably becoming clear that you need to sell your house ASAP. Making your house presentable is the first step to take to get that fast sell you are looking for. I believe that if something looks nice, and is more appealing to the human eye than people are drawn and it becomes a must-have. Your house would be no exception if you made it look beautiful.

Simply paint the walls, replace that ugly carpet, and dejunk the place to tidy it up. This will make the house appeal to a buyer and encourage them to make an offer before someone else does. You may be able to sell your house fast before being faced with foreclosure. However, if you don’t have the extra money to make these modifications in your house it may not be worth taking that step. According to the balance, the return rewards may not be worth this, especially if you make repairs that appeal to you but not necessarily to a buyer.  This can cost more than your house could be worth and will not raise the value of your house for these minor repairs.

Sell on your own - saves money with realtor fees

Selling your house by owner will help you dodge a bullet, and allow you to avoid paying 5-6% to a real estate agent. Unfortunately, with every great thing, it's not all rosy, you will get less cash for the sale. This is because homeowners don’t have enough resources to list their house all over the market like a real estate agent. Finding a potential buyer can be hard, as a lot of buyers have agents who help find houses for them. It is possible however, you can find a buyer when you list your house for sale by owner. It may just take longer and your house may potentially go through foreclosure before you are able to sell it.  

Sell to Pro Source Home Buyers - a Cash Buyer

If you want to sell your house fast when facing foreclosure than I would recommend finding a cash buyer. Here at Pro Source Home Buyers, we buy houses for cash, allowing you to be free from your debts in just a short seven days. No need to wait to find a buyer, make expensive repairs, or foreclose on your house. We will buy your house as is, allowing you to walk away from your sticky situation. We won’t fall through and the closing process is very minimal. If you have any questions feel free to call Pro Source Home Buyers 865-268-4537 today. Take a look at our website for more tips, or any questions you have. We want to make this process as easy as we can and hope to lift your burden in this stressful time of your life.

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