June 28, 2018
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Selling A House On A Budget

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 things to do before selling a house on a budget.

If you're planning to sell your house, you'll have to prepare your house for sale. This preparing could mean a lot of things depending on the condition of your house—from a full paint job to upgrading the tiles in your kitchen, touching up your house can come at a hefty price. But if you don't prepare your home, you might end up selling it at less a profit amount than you could have. Budgeting well can help you out and here are a few things you can do before selling a house on a budget:

1. Look at the exterior

First impressions are essential to home-buyers; you want them to feel at home from the start. Painting the entire exterior of the house can be costly but there are many ways to update the outside of you home at a low cost. If you have a lawn, keep it mowed and plant some flowers if you have the time. Make sure the house is visible from the street and repaint your doors if need be. Try to spray off any cobwebs and excess dust. The lights on your porch may need an upgrade, along with a welcome mat.

2. The heart of the home is the kitchen

A cosy kitchen can be the deciding factors for many buyers. Granite slabs can be expensive but try putting up granite tiles for a cost effective way to look modern. Wooden cabinets can be repainted while light fixtures can be replaced at a low cost. Consider replacing a worn-out kitchen faucet and sink strainers for a clean look to the kitchen. If you want to go the extra mile, upgrade your door knobs and pulls on cabinets for a sleek and shiny finish.

3. Bathrooms are important too

Although prospective buyers may spend less than a few seconds looking at bathrooms, keeping them looking pristine is essential to attract buyers. If the sink, vanity and toilet are too old, make sure to replace them, even though they might be slightly expensive. Remove tub stains by calling in a professional if your have one or buy a simple shower curtain. For a personal touch, light scented candles and hang freshly washed towels on the racks.

4. Clean every nook and cranny

The easiest and most important thing to do is to clean the house as thoroughly as possible. Wash and wipe the windows from the inside and outside both. Rent a carpet steamer and clean away; make sure to dust cabinets, wall fixtures, paintings and the top of doors and windows. If you have a wood or ceramic flooring, get them polished to look shiny and clean.

5. Remove the clutter

Excess clutter never looks good; you want buyers to have space to move around and check out the interiors of the house. Put away any furniture that may block movement and tidy up your bookshelves and coffee tables as much as possible. Remove any personal photographs and replace them with contemporary artwork. If there’s a hole in the wall, patch it up. If need be, get a paint job for the worst walls in the house.

Of course if your home or property has too much repair and work needed, it’s essential to know that Pro Source Home Buyers buys homes or unwanted properties in any condition. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Give us a call if you would like to skip the repair and cleaning process.

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