June 25, 2019
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4 Tips for Selling Your Home for Cash in Knoxville

If you are looking to sell your home for cash in Knoxville, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s easy to get caught up with the traditional ways of selling a home: for sale by owner or hiring a realtor. Don’t let these ways fool you. Selling your home for cash is so much easier - it’s mind-blowing!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when selling your home for cash.

1. Do not make any repairs or renovations to the home

First of all, DO NOT make any repairs or renovations to the home. A cash buyer will purchase your home as is, so there is no reason to spend any time fixing up the place. Repairs and renovations can cost a lot of money and take a long time to complete. Why spend time on repairing things in a home that you don’t want to keep?

2. Do not hire a realtor

Hiring a realtor will only make it so you have to pay realtor fees, plus complete the expensive repairs and renovations we mentioned previously. In order for your home to sell, they will require you to spruce up the place, and then you’ll have to pay them 4-6% of what your home sells for. A cash buyer won’t require any of this from you. You will just sell your home to them free of repairs, renovations, and fees. This is going to save you so much time and money!

3. Do not list your home on the market

No need to list your home on the market. A cash buyer is the only person who needs to know that your home is being sold. They will purchase your home without it being listed on the market. Don’t put time and effort into something that isn’t necessary. Let a cash buyer purchase your home to save your time and your sanity.

4. Find an experienced cash buyer

Search for a cash buyer who has experience and is loyal to their customers. A cash buyer will purchase your home for cash and they will not back out. Once you contact a cash buyer, they will come out and give you an offer for your home. After you accept the offer, you will only have to wait seven days to get the cash in your hands.

Between saving a lot of time and money, a cash buyer is your best option when selling your home. Here at Pro Source Home Buyers, we are your trusted cash buyers in Knoxville. We want to help you today! Contact us at 865-268-4537 for more information about how we can help.

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