December 27, 2018
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3 Ways to Sell Your House

Let’s face it. Selling your house isn’t fun. We completely understand. A lot of people who we speak with often don’t even know where to start. So today we’re covering the different ways to sell your home.

Hire a Realtor

This is by far the most common way of selling your home. It can also be the most difficult and time-consuming.

Some people like to go this route because they feel like they will make the most money. They tend to think that this is the easiest way of selling too.

Between the constant of keeping the house picked up, the random visits from strangers walking through your house, and the inability to predict a selling timeline, working with a realtor actually ends up being one of the most stressful ways of selling your home.

Sell by Owner

Now, let's be honest, in a perfect world, this would be the ideal way of selling your home. You list it yourself and then you pick when people come and see your house. You do it all your way, but sadly selling your house by owner is becoming more and more difficult. Each person who tries to sell on their own ends up having a handful of problems that they need to address.

  • First, they have to do all of the marketing.
  • This is the most difficult portion because real estate agents have all of the connections within the market. They have lists of people who are looking for homes and they reach out to them constantly when a new house gets listed.
  • If you are considering selling on your own, you have to first realize that you are going to have to compete with the monopoly that real estate agents have created.
  • The next major concern is all of the cleaning and repairs you have to do.
  • You have to make sure your house is sellable. This is true both when hiring a realtor or selling on your own. Repairs alone can cost thousands of dollars.

Sell it to Us

We buy all houses, ugly, nice, clean, dirty. We will take any house off of your hands. And, the best part is you can get cash in seven days for your home. You pick the selling date and we will purchase it. We are the fastest and best option for you to get rid of that house and move on, plus you don’t have to worry about repairs or those pesky realtor fees.

Contact us today or fill out the form below to start the process of getting that old house off of your hands!

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